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Enjoy the freshest and tastiest seafood boil you've ever had!

We offer a wide variety of fresh food — from crabs, crawfish, shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels, lobsters and more!


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Our mission is to serve authentic Cajun seafood, we strive to serve our customers with fresh seafood and amazing customer service. Our menu packs delicious eats that are sure to woo your taste buds. From our delicious sides all the way down to our fresh seafood items like crab, shrimp, and lobster; we take pride in the authenticity and true Cajun taste!

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a family outing, Seafood Shake is the place to be.


Our Menus Menu

Seafood Combos
½ lb of Shrimp, ½ lb of Mussels, ½ lb of Crawfish, ½ lb of Clams, 2 pcs of Corn and 2 pcs of Potatoes
½ lb of Shrimp, ½ lb of Clams, ½ lb of Snow Crab Legs, ½ lb of Sausage, 2 pcs of Corn and 2 pcs of Potatoes
1 lb of Crawfish, 1 lb of Shrimp, 1 lb of Sausage, 2 pcs of corn, 2 pcs of potatoes and a Fried Oyster starter
1 lb of Shrimp, 1 lb of Snow Crab Legs, 1 lb of Crawfish, 1 lb of Mussels, 3 pcs of corn, 3 pcs of potatoes, & a Crispy Calamari starter
2 Live Lobsters, 1 lb of Shrimp, 1 lb of Clams, 4 pcs of corn, 4 pcs of potates, and 2 Bowls of Clam Chowder
2 Live Dungeness Crabs, 1 lb of Snow Crab Legs, 1 lb of Shrimp, 5 pcs of corn, 5 pcs of potatoes and a Crispy Calamari Starter

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People Love us! Reviews

The food is always good!! Quick and helpful service.
damon patterson
damon P.
21:06 15 Nov 20
One of my preferred spots for tasty seafood. Service is always awesome even when they have a full house. The bill was fair I would say. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I liked.
Carson Shannon
Carson S.
22:41 22 Aug 20
We were skeptical about the prices but the food was AMAZING!! I made my own bag with lobster, shrimp potatoes and corn with garlic butter sauce no heat. My expectations were low but I am majorly impressed!
20:09 01 Aug 20
Best seafood boil I ever had. The sauces are amazing and really set the dish off. The crab was soooo fresh and the flavors were locked in. They serve it in a bag but man it’s awesome. Only thing is not enough corn and potatoes to help soak up some of that flavor. But the main attraction is worth it try the headless and peeled shrimp with Cajun 🔥.
Bricks Kingpinz
Bricks K.
23:25 18 Jul 20
My first time trying this restaurant and I absolutely love it ! I ordered the catfish dinner with Cajun seasoning on the dish and the fries. I don’t usually do the Cajun because some places put way too much seasoning but they did a great job! My server at the bar was awesome too and friendly. The catfish is delicious can’t wait to go back and try something else !
Tk Therevwer
Tk T.
14:09 16 Mar 20
The food here is amazing! And you get a lot for what you pay for! We ran into some trouble with a waitress stealing and using my card information. I was able to catch it rather quickly, and the owner of the restaurant made it right and sent a check for the extra charges that were made at their restaurant. I would be more than happy to eat here again but I would probably bring cash.
Jessica Good
Jessica G.
05:57 03 Mar 20
My wife and daughter went first and insisted we go within the next week. Don’t let the small entrance fool you, this place is big inside. Also, big flavors and great atmosphere makes for an interesting evening!
David Johnson
David J.
15:27 24 Feb 20
At any given time. This is the place to be. It’s priced well for seafood. Tasty with great creative drinks. And always has great customer service.
Nicole H
Nicole H
02:29 01 Feb 20
Food was good. Service was good. And the restaurant was really clean. I will definitely return.
Yvette Booker
Yvette B.
11:08 15 Jan 20
The food is good. Just wish they had more variety in their menu or you can opt out the sides or meats.
Raw The
Raw T.
10:29 27 Dec 19
It was overall a good experience. The food was delicious but the couldn’t get the spice in the sauce right. They accidentally mixed up our bags. So my mouth was on fire and his food tasted bland. They tried to fix it several times. Be forewarned if your sauce is off say something then because they will not take off the cost of meal nor will they refund your money. Now that being said it is understandable…the cost of seafood is expensive. Overall it is a good time and I will probably go again just be more vigilant.
Sonja Smith-Clemons
Sonja S.
18:33 15 Dec 19
Good food. Not too pricey. Nice atmosphere. Great service.
Carla Griffin
Carla G.
18:51 11 Nov 19
It was good. Service was quick and the staff is friendly. The cajun is spicy! Would definitely eat there again.
Cris Cas
Cris C.
11:41 26 Oct 19
Nice atmosphere Great waiter and the food was on point. Would reccommend to others for a nice seafood restaurant to visit. Would go again🤩
Blanche Lewis
Blanche L.
22:15 11 Oct 19
Service was great! It was very busy but we were seated in about 15 mins. Had a peach margarita amazing $8. Had the seafood lovers bag for about $29, with shake sauce amazing.
Tiffanie Little
Tiffanie L.
11:45 21 Sep 19
Ok. Listen. It’s really good. A little pricey but worth it. Mix the garlic butter and house sauce then make it as spicy as you like.
Jeremy Bender
Jeremy B.
21:09 03 Sep 19
This was the best seafood place I ever been! Only I should have a reservation on a crowded Sunday but never the less it was the BESTEST!! HATS OFF FROM A SEAFOOD LOVER THAT’S BEEN AROUND!!!! LOVED IT! HOPE YOUR STILL HERE WHEN I COME BACK TO VISIT THANK YOU FOR A GOOD TIMES AND GOOD FOOD!! WORTH IT!
Shywan Trice
Shywan T.
02:56 26 Aug 19
Let me tell you, let me tell you….I’ve never had a seafood experience this grand ever in my life. The seafood, the service, the atmosphere, everything was amazing. The best seafood I’ve had so far in 32 years. Please go there and try for yourself.
Latomdra Ross
Latomdra R.
02:34 17 Aug 19
From the outside, this place looks small and a little sketch to be good seafood. That is a deception!! The food, service, and drinks were top notch! The price wasnt bad either! We both left tipsy, full, and happy! I will definitely be trying again. The restaurant was clean, food flavors were really so good and we got our food super fast!
Elana Flaks
Elana F.
12:28 29 Jul 19
Discovered this gem by accident when we went up to a show at the grog shop. The food is fantastic the sauces are great and the service is pretty good also. My first experience was so good I’ve been back 4x and I live in Canton so it’s a good hour to get up there. If you like seafood I recommend it. Most of the menu they gave you a bag of food a big bib and some gloves and you just go in and get messy. It’s a novel idea that works well. Love seafood shake.
Ron M
Ron M
01:30 03 Jul 19
The food is very good, I don’t think they missed on anything food wise. Service was not the best, whether waiters aren’t properly trained or they have too many tables at once. Waited 15 minutes for just drinks and another 10 minutes for the check. Something they can easily fix. So I’ll be back!
Deron Battle
Deron B.
00:21 02 Jul 19
Food was very good and not expensive at all! Seafood was absolutely delicious and didn’t taste frozen at all. The service was also good. The inside of the restaurant is extremely clean and the decor really goes along with the SEAfood. If you haven’t been here yet I definitely recommend!
Matthew Fultz
Matthew F.
13:23 13 Apr 19